Fusion Martial Arts students who want to take their training up a level become part of our tournament team. Team Fusion competes in several regional and national championships per year. These students take special classes to perfect their empty-handed forms & weapons forms, self-defense and sparring. Team Fusion works hard and their hard work really pays off. We are proud of all of our students who compete.

After the Battle in Hershey Tournament 2018, Fusion received the following email:

Good evening Sir,

I wanted to congratulate you and your students that competed in the tournament on 11/10. I was a competitor in the black belt division and one of the judges during the kids competitions. I feel that as an instructor you should be commended for the quality of students you brought, not only in their abilities but also in the way they conducted themselves while they weren’t competing.

As instructors we seem to always get feedback in one way or another from the parents but not necessarily from each other. I would like to say, keep up the good work sir, you are training some impressive martial artists.        

Mike Borders

Tournament Excellence

  • Team Fusion emphasizes excellence, dedication, teamwork, focus, discipline and sportsmanship.
  • Team Fusion participates in five-six tournaments per year
  • The Tournament Team Program runs 12 months a year